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WordPress vulnerabilities when allowing subscribers

I recently was twiddling bits in the WordPress Admin console and noticed that people were not allowed to register for my blog.  Now, I’m not sure why anyone would choose to register, but I didn’t see any reason to stand in their way, if they felt the need.  So, I checked the box (or unchecked it, I don’t recall), which opened up that possibility.

SVG version of Russian map
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Well, it didn’t take long before I had a bunch of subscribers, most notably with .ru email addresses.  So, given that, I’m wondering what kind of cracking, spamming, or other exploits are exposed by WordPress.  I simply can’t imagine why else a bunch of Russians would be subscribing to my blog.

cyrilic alphabet with slovak equivalents
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Please forgive the obvious prejudice of my question.  Perhaps my stream-of-consciousness simply speaks to the Russian mentality (albeit not in the Russian tongue).  Yet, somehow, I doubt it.

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