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Feigning Offense

The “scene” that Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrat female Representatives made over an honest question regarding her stepping aside to allow for younger leadership to develop is representative of what is plaguing our society and our government.

It’s a another flavor of political correctness, and it shuts down any form of honest discourse.

The Left has learned and perfected a tactic that lets them win in just about any situation.  The trouble is that it completely lacks honesty, integrity, and honor.  Amazon Image

I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with someone who dealt so disingenuously with me, rather than attempting to work together in a mature way.

And I sure as hell don’t want my government behaving in this childish and manipulative way.

That, I find offensive.  And I am confident that our founding fathers would take a switch to these impudent children.  Would that they were here now, rather than the representatives and leaders we are now enduring.

Win or Lose, We’ve Already Lost

I hope and pray with all my heart and soul that Obama is soundly, decisively, unequivocally rejected today


English: President Obama just about to deliver...

Behold, the emperor has no clothes. And the fools who admire his invisible raiments are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.


by the people of this once great nation.


But, win or lose, we’re a nation in deep, deep trouble. The fact that this socialist celebrity who desires a weaker America ever got elected, combined with the fact that his four-year term of destruction has not resulted in his leaving office in shame, tells me that this country is not what it once was.  Nixon was driven from office for far less than what Obama is hailed for (his sleazy, sleazy shenanigans in passing Obamacare) or gets away with (his deadly bungling and subsequent Benghazi cover-up).


How on Earth can this election actually be too close to call?! The United States of America in which I grew up, the country that I know and love, respect and honor, would never have elected this sham president with his hollow, meaningless promises of hope and change.  (And his adorers claim that Romney is not specific!)


And, certainly, after four years of his sleazy politics, lies, cover-ups, and destructive policies, the country that I know as the United States of America would never consider reelecting this anti-Capitalism, anti-America wolf in sheep’s clothing.


We have a long road to restoring this country to its greatness, considering that it seems half the country doesn’t even get it anymore. If Romney wins, we have to hope that we can deprogram the Obama supporters and teach them the joys of pride, honor, self-respect, and self-reliance. If Obama wins, I fear all is lost.


As for the Liberal media and the so-called journalists who have covered up all that they actually know and have failed to investigate all that they don’t know about this cult of personality, you are complicit.  It seems that you can fool half the people all the time with the help of an adoring media, and that may just be enough to topple the union.  A plague on all your houses.

The only bit of schadenfreude will come from watching the 99% wonder what happened when they find that all the producers have moved on to friendlier climes. I guess then it will be the 98-percenters against the remaining 1%. And then the 97-percenters… Until there’s nothing left but takers.  And who will they take from then?  “Tax the rich, feed the poor, ’til there are no rich no more.”


I mourn for Truth and Honor.  I feel for our Founding Fathers, for the Patriots who fought and died for this nation, and for my kids.