[BlogEntry] 05/05/05


How cool is that date? I only wish I had been awake at 05:05:05 this morning.

5:05:05 PM just went by about half an hour ago, but it just didn't have the same oomph. I guess it's the fact that it's really 17:05:05 on a 24-hour clock. It lacks purity.

[Comment] Re: If you're having trouble installing AppFuse 1.8…

Thanks for posting this Lee. I've fixed the problem in CVS (renamed back to software.jar) so it should work for the next release. Note that you can just click on the JAR and open it with Java to invoke the installer directly. For the next release, it might be nice to offer this installer via Java Web Start.
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As far as the installation progress – I've seen that too. Sounds like a bug in MyJavaPack to me. 😉