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[Comment] Re: If Veterans Make Good Presidents…

<p>Lance, you seem like a level-headed, fair-minded person with whom I can have a rational conversation. Can I ask if you saw George W. and Laura Bush on Larry King last week? The reason I ask is because of the URL in your post, "". I'm curious what that attitude is based on.</p><p>I have to admit that I've been less than enthralled by Bush. During the course of his Presidency, I would avoid watching him speak, because it made me uncomfortable; it's like watching a blooper waiting to happen. I have had my doubts about his cronyism. I hear all kinds of bad things about his environmental policy, although I'm not clear on the truth behind these accusations.</p><p>However, I shudder to think of the aftermath of September 11, 2001, had Al Gore been in office. I strongly believe in government's responsibility to provide for a common defense. If you read my other posts, you'll see that I take the threat to the United States very seriously. I consider this a clear and imminent danger that we face today. It's not hard to do, considering the fact that two of the tallest buildings in the world were destroyed by our sworn enemies. <i>We were attacked in Manhattan and Washington, D.C.!</i> Everything else is secondary to our security, because without that, we have nothing. I like Bush's take-it-to-them approach. I like his stand for a strong America.</p><p>However, as I said, I was not without my reservations about him as a person and a President. It was with great relief and pride, then, that I watched him and his wife on Larry King last week. I was quite taken by his genuinely sincere clarity of right and wrong. Maybe he was grandstanding, as politicians potentially always are doing, but he really impressed me. It didn't seem like he was trying to win votes (and we know he's no silver-tongued devil). He spoke like someone with crystal clear values and a genuine decency simply speaking his mind. I was quite impressed.</p><p>It used to be that I backed him for his stand on national security and because I don't like Democratic fiscal policy, but now I have a real admiration for a man who has a quality that I never realized he had. I am as surprised as anyone but quite pleasantly so.</p><p>So, I'm curious if you saw that interview and, if so, what you thought. I think it would be difficult to have an opinion of "anyone but Bush" after seeing that. I mean, you may still back Kerry, and you may still not like Bush, but an attitude of "anyone but Bush" opens the door for a whole lot. I mean, Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein fit "anyone but Bush," and I know you don't mean that. So, I'm just curious what that's all about, and I'm wondering how informed an opinion it is. He is not without his faults, but he seems like a man worthy of respect.</p>

[Comment] Re: If Veterans Make Good Presidents…

<p>I agree with you that too much is being made of Kerry's Veteran status. That he then saw the wrongness of the Vietnam War and tried to do something about it *is* a credit to him: you can fight a war and hate it at the same time.</p>

<p>I think the 'hype' is an attempted foil to Bush's questioned military record, and a statement that a man who has served in conflict is better suited to issuing and managing conflict. That is why Bush Senior's attack on Iraq was more acceptable, though many questioned the motive.</p>

<p>I too wish the Kerry Campaign focussed more on his accomplishments in office – it would tell us more about what he would do in office.</p>

[Comment] Re: Previously Declared Retaliation

The time lag between an attack and our retaliation should be under thirty seconds, lest there be any question of our sincerity. And a thwarted attack should be dealt with in the same way as a successful one. We should not confuse ineptitude with innocence.<p>Ugly, isn't it? Do you think our enemies have any more compassion or mercy for us? But we are not being the aggressors. Nothing will happen, if we are not attacked. We're merely making clear our intention to retaliate with decisive force.<p>Does the world like us for surgically removing the Taliban from Afghanistan? Do they hate us any less for freeing women from such oppression? Did they come to appreciate the United States for driving Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait or removing such a tyrannical madman from power? Did they even love us when we were the heroes who saved the world from Hitler? If so, how long did that last? Did they love us in peacetime, when we minded our own business? Did they love us in 2001, when we were the victims?<p>No, you can't win them over. The world is never going to like us. They will always question our motives and assume the worst, mainly because that's what they find within themselves. They can't imagine altruism or doing the right thing as anyone's genuine motivation, because it is incomprehensible in their own nature.<p>They can't compete with us, so rather than try, they choose to give up and resent us. They are jealous, self-loathing losers, and what makes them feel good is to pick a scapegoat like the United States and focus all their self-loathing externally.<p>Which is fine. I don't mind being an emotional punching bag. Just don't start flying our planes into our buildings. Then, I take offense.<p>Do we have anything to be ashamed off? Sure, we are far from perfect. At least we have the decency and honor to recognize our own flaws and feel embarrassed by them. We feel shame when there are isolated incidents of mere <i>white-collar</i> crime in our country. I don't see any other countries worried about how much we like them.<p>Meanwhile, Muslims can institutionalize sending their own children to suicide-bomb innocent civilians and rationalize it away. And we accept it! Why are our standards for <i>their</i> behavior so low? We expect so little from the rest of the world. How condescending we are! If there is anything we should be ashamed of, that is it.<p>Still, who gives more aid to the rest of the world? Who is the champion of the oppressed? Who comes to peoples' rescue in a crisis? We do. Are we really so bad?<p>Does being hated by the world bother me? Yes, but only to the extent that I find it unjust. Do I really care about how the rest of the world feels about us, when I consider the values of most of that world? Nope, not really. Whether they like us or not has more to do with their own screwed up values than it does with us. Does the fact that we stand for freedom and rights for all people make us evil?<p>Are we not entitled to defend ourselves? Let's not do a half-assed job at it. Let's make sure we don't suffer another reeling attack. Despite our own issues of shame and self-loathing, we do not deserve to have our innocent civilians murdered. Let's deal with the evil head-on.<p>Then we can work on our own self-improvement and our image.

[Comment] Re: Even giving stuff away is complicated

– the apache/bsd licenses are pretty much by attribution.
– the LGPL stipulates that any changes one makes to the open source code/library must be shared when distributed
– the GPL stipulates that any changes to the open source code must be distributed, and only GPL code can use said code. (so you can only use GPL'ed libraries in your project)

[Comment] Re: Mother, Mother Java

It took me a while to figure out which song this was. It was driving me crazy… maybe you should add that it's Jimmy Buffet's "A Pirate Looks at Forty". Or maybe I just did.

I liked it… although I could never figure out what the last line should be. I don't even understand half the song 🙂

[Comment] Re: AppFuse 1.5 Line-by-Line prototype

Thanks for your feedback. It's good to know someone's out there. :-)<p>As far as #1 goes, I was assuming this would be used for source code <b>not</b> under the user's control (probably since I can't modify every file in AppFuse ;), so a recognizable token, while a great idea, is probably not practical. It's a shame, because it certainly would simplify things. Maybe that <i>could</i> be included as an option for those times when the developer is also doing the documentation. It would certainly offer benefits over the alternative.<p>As for #2, I like the idea of something XPath-ish. I've been playing with the idea of line-by-line checksums or CRCs, so you could try to find your context (or guess at it, in case the line you're interested in has changed). If it runs as an ant task, it could notify the developer when it encounters comments that it can no longer place, but it might still be able to guess at the vicinity where the comment used to belong.<p>I've been contemplating what can be done with Javascript and CSS. I like your ideas. Keep 'em coming!