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[BlogEntry] Huh! I never realized…

I'm sitting in a hotel; Fast Times at Ridgemont High just ended.

I was reading the credits and spotted something I never realized before.

You know the hot blonde in the sports car in the fuzzy sweater who laughs at Brad (Judge Reinhold)? He thinks she's flirting with him, but she's really laughing at his pirate uniform.

Well, that's Nancy Wilson, the guitar-playing sister from Heart!

So it was clearly worth me staying up and watching Fast Times for the 43rd time.

Stripes is starting, so I gotta go. I wonder what I'll learn from my Platinum (75th) viewing…

Come to think of it, who plays Bill Murray's hot blonde (are you sensing a theme here?) girlfriend, Anita, at the beginning of the movie?

"It's a little cute."