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[Comment] Re: Java the Hut

Actually, Rails is more the platform than Ruby.

Kinda interesting how I ended up here. Looking at that Simpleology stuff, ended up on Joyner's forum, read your "I'm crap at marketing" post, and now I'm reading about Ruby on Rails, which I've been using full-time for almost a year now. 🙂 Anything I say about it is going to be very subjective, I'm afraid 😉

Consider that you need to take risks to get the big prize. I started with Rails a year ago when it was a complete unknown. Now? I have work coming out of my ears because I'm one of the most experienced with it and the demand is higher than supply. It's not Java.. demand didn't grow slowly.. it's rocketing! A risk that paid off.

[BlogEntry] Exception handling in Ruby

I'm not sure why every language feels the need to use its own keywords. What would be the crime if all languages used throw, raise, and catch?

Anyway, if you want to examine the Exception object in Ruby, in the rescue line, just add => e as in

    rescue => e

Now, the local variable, e, contains the Exception object, which you can log:

    $mylog.debug("In Rescue block: " + e)