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[Comment] Re: Censorship at the Beattie Blog

What the hell does any of it have to do with Java?!? As it is, JavaBlogs is getting swamped with political and personal stuff. We all signed up saying that our blogs would be "mostly" Java. Take a look at your recent blog entries list. All of that ended up in the queue at JavaBlogs and what percentage is related to JAVA? That's called SPAM where I come from.

Please, you are already using categories in your blogging software. Create a RSS channel just for your Java/Programming items and give that to JavaBlogs rather than the RSS channel that includes everything. Doing that in most bloggers is usually pretty easy.

[Comment] Re: Do the "benefits" of encrypting user passwords within your database outweigh the grief?

If you have good network security (firewall, physical server lockdown) and ensure all password exchange is done over SSL, then the benefits of encrypting user passwords within your database probably does <b>NOT</b> outweigh the grief in your case.
If you're truly concerned about plain text emails, then offer users the ability to store a public key on your system – then you can encrypt sensitive emails. If users aren't as worried about it, they don't have to provide such a key.
Even with SHA encryption, if crackers get ahold of your database, you're in for a world of hurt.

[BlogEntry] Who writes these headlines?!

It's amazing how the sound bites and headlines claim to tell the whole story, when they are really intended to mislead and convince you not to look any deeper.

From Power Line Blog:

I've barely had time to dip into the Iraq Survey Group's report, but it's apparent that the report is a treasure trove of information. No one could read even a small portion of the report and conclude that "Iraq had no WMDs" is a fair summary of its contents. [My bold.]

I used to scoff at the "liberal media," but the headline that "Iraq had no WMDs" as the sum total of the Iraq Survey Group's report is offensive, unfair, and an abuse of the power of the press.

Liberals don't play fair. They play to win. At all costs.