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I was just polishing up a four-paragraph reply to a post that so desperately needed to be set straight, and I was getting the job done.  It was full of the typical wit, wordsmithing, and some other word starting with “w” that is the hallmark of my way with words.

But now it is gone.  The ignoramus poster will never be set straight.  You will never get to read a fine dressing down.  I will never enjoy the many accolades commensurate with such a reply to a comment to a post.  My blog will never have that backlink back.  My comment was struck down before it ever got uploaded.  All because of Yahoo!‘s (air-quotes here) helpful auto-refresh on their news pages.  One minute I was typing.  The next I got a fresh new copy of the same damn story, sans my text box, my text, and my time.

Thanks for your help, Yahoo!! <– one exclamation point for them, and one for me

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In the visitor’s men’s room of the Progress Software headquarters at 14 Oak Park Drive, Bedford, MA 01730, there is an overachieving autoflushing toilet in the stall closest to the waterless urinal that is responsible for far more than its fair share of fresh water and protective toilet seat covers.  This toilet eats them like crinkly doughnuts.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned to sit down just as the toilet gulps the sheet that I had just put down not three seconds before.  “Not this time, you gluttonous bastard!” I think to myself, as I ride out the splashy tsunami while holding the next seat cover in place.  “You can have it when I’m done with it!”  And then, a quick shower as I tuck my shirt in and one more quick rinse while buckling my belt.

Thanks for your help, hyper-sensitive toilet!! <– Both of these are for me

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