Using Xara Xtreme to create a web site

Thanks to Xara Xtreme, I’ve just created what is by far the most attractive web site I’ve ever created in my life.  Unfortunately, however, it has a couple of problems.  First of all, in order to inject PayPal buttons into the site, I had to do the export to .HTML and then edit the .html files to insert the PayPal snippets.  That means the next time I make a change and do another export, I’ll have to repeat that process.  Yuck.

Equally bad, I noticed that a lot of my text is actually images inserted into the page.  That means it’s about as search engine-unfriendly as you can get.  It’s as if there is virtually no content on my site, from a search engine’s perspective.

What’s odd is that there is some text, but not a lot.  I don’t understand Xara well enough yet to figure out when it chooses to put in text versus when it chooses to do the image-based text thing.  I realize that they are trying to give you true WYSIWYG layout, but these are some pretty hefty shortcomings.

If anyone can set me straight on how to do this right, I’d welcome the education!

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