The pain of finding a domain name

I know why Web 2.0 brings with it all the groovy spellings and made up words like Flickr, Friendster, and Facebook (and that’s just the F’s). It’s because the damned cybersquatters have already registered every decent English word and phrase you can imagine.  There’s nothing left for the people who are actually trying to do something.
There is nothing more infuriating than coming up with the perfect domain/product name and finding that it’s unavailable. Worse still is when there is nothing occupying that domain but one of those sleazy Google AdWords pages that add no value to the Internet. I am all for personal freedom and believe in capitalism, but there ought to be a way to shut down these leeches. I have a long list of domains I tried this morning that were unavailable, 95% of which pointed to nothing of value.

What’s always interesting is how adversity builds character and forces you to innovate. As frustrating and disappointing as it was that my “perfect” domain,, was taken and nothing but an AdWords site, I think I came up with something that I like even better. It’s one of those little gems that I might not have stumbled upon, had my first choice not been taken.

I give you Maileable.

3 thoughts on “The pain of finding a domain name

  1. Lee Grey

    Tell me about it. I had to settle for! Its all my fault… my wife and I recently changed our name. Watch my google ranking plummet! There appear to be Lee Grey jeans too. Oh well.

  2. Lee Post author

    So, did you just become Lee Bergman, or did you just become Lee Grey? Why the change? BTW, the work on your site looks very nice.

  3. Get Web Traffic

    I here ya guys! I’ve been in the same boat and here’s what I did.

    One thing you can always try when looking for a domain name is finding a low competition key word based on the theme of your site. The idea here is high search volume but low competition. If it’s just a personal site then your name will work but if it’s a site about a topic then what I suggest will work best because just the domain name alone will often bring you traffic.

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