Can you identify the source of your spam? Can you shut it down?

It’s amazing what I can see, thanks to the use of domain-specific email addresses. I can see when one company uses another company’s mailing list. I can see when a company doesn’t honor its unsubscribe requests. I can also see when a company’s mailing list has been compromised.  Best of all, I have the power to do something about these things.
I’ve gotten at least five Nigerian scam emails from the mailing list in the past 24 hours. They’ve been hacked.

Since I know that, I can surgically shut down that address without having to go through extreme measures like changing my email address, so that I can keep the infected email away from the healthy stuff.  It’s a kind of quarantine that doesn’t rely on magic spam filters.  This system simply works, and I’m in total control.

You can learn more about it at

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