Did you know about this TLD???

I was reading a milk carton this morning (I had already finished the cereal box 🙂 and spotted the strangest URL I had ever seen. It said organicvalley.coop. I thought “What a poor proofreading job, to put a nonexistent URL on your product package.”

Well, it turns out that there’s nothing wrong with their proofreader. That’s a legitimate domain. You can browse to http://www.organicvalley.coop and read about the people who make my milk. It’s not a fluke domain, either, because there’s a link on there to http://www.farmers.coop.

I checked GoDaddy, and they don’t seem to have a way to register a .coop domain. Where does such a thing come from? It seems so obscure; I wonder how .coop managed to get approved, considering all the other TLDs have been rejected.

More importantly, how do I register chicken.coop?!

Update: Organizations can purchase .coop domains at http://www.nic.coop. Individuals are not eligible to purchase .coop domains.  It appears that someone is squatting (the mind reels with puns) on http://www.chicken.coop.  Darn the luck; it’d be worth forming an organization around that domain name.

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