And we’re back…

Ugh! What a frustrating time it’s been, having my blog broken. There have been so many times I wanted to post something, but I couldn’t, because Pebble had lost its mind. It would sporadically accept new posts, then trash them. All the while, it’s spewing errors into my Tomcat logs at a rate of about ten per second!

And now I’ve got the issue of all kinds of inbound links that are probably no longer working. Worst of all, I’ve got my sites spread out at three different web hosts! I used to have everything at Kattare. Then I opened an account at HostGator. Then I got a really good deal at Kiosk. So I’ve got a lot of organizing to do! Plus, I’m trying to transition everything without having any downtime, which seems nearly impossible, especially for database-driven apps.  When you’re waiting for the DNS switch-over, you’re in a very nondeterministic situation.
I can’t wait until everything is where it belongs.

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