[BlogEntry] SanitySaver is reborn


I'm telling you, I've done some cool stuff over the years. Okay, I've never actually told you before, but I'm telling you now: I've done some cool stuff over the years. Would someone who hasn't done cool stuff over the years have a blog category named Cool Stuff I've Done? I don't think so.

Not terribly impressive, but more of a "Huh." kind of a thing was Sanity Saver, something I wrote and "marketed" (in the loosest and least lucrative sense of the word) about fifteen or twenty years ago. I had forgotten about it until I saw this.

My tag line for SanitySaver was:

You use a screen saver to prevent monitor burn-in.

Use Sanity Saver to prevent user burn-out.

Do you see what I did there? Did you catch that twist? Pretty damn catchy, eh? It's a gift. I am merely the instrument.

The thing is, I think I can rightfully claim to have pioneered and established the entire software-that-reminds-you-that-you-are-a-living-organism-that-has-a- physical-body-with-biological-needs market segment, although I don't believe I am recognized as such in the industry.

Of course, it made me quite wealthy, and I retired to raise and race ferrets on the median-sized island off the coast of Microamnesia. I only came out of retirement because I missed the exquisite torture of software development.

I don't remember whether it was Sanity Saver or SanitySaver, so I've alternated use of each to cover all my bases. (All of which are belong to us, BTW.)

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