[BlogEntry] Michael Jackson appears "pale"


It's so bizarre to me to hear (as much as I try to avoid news about this crap) reporters talk about Michael Jackson looking pale, unhealthy, thin, tired, etc. He's a fucking freak that hasn't looked normal or healthy in twenty years! It's like saying a skeleton looks stressed. Pale?!?! He's been snowy white since the mid-90's, hasn't he??? It's as plain as the lack of a nose on his face.

Why can't we tell the truth about anything?! You want to be politically correct about certain things, fine. (Not really, but for the sake of this post, we'll say "fine.") But do we have to tiptoe around the obvious fact that this wacko has transformed himself into something no previous human being has ever looked like?! I think his face is too scary for children.

I don't know if he's innocent or guilty. Frankly, I don't care (except for the fact that there may be innocent victims, if he truly is guilty). But what has happened to this world when no one can come out and say "Would you look at what that sick motherfucker has done to his own body. Didn't he used to be black? Holy shit, did he mean to have his nose and cheeks removed, or was this just a terrible mistake???" Aren't judgements about whether he's looking well-rested a little out of place when looking at the trainwreck that he is?

[I had avoided cursing on my blog up until this post. Shit.]

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