[BlogEntry] What a Dick


This is my rental car, which I parked last night. Nice and straight and even, right?


I came out of my hotel this morning to find this fine parking job.



And it wasn't even necessary!


I squeezed between the cars and slithered into the driver's seat, working very hard not to brush against either dew-covered car. I backed out slowly, since I couldn't see much. There was a lot of condensation on the windows, so I rolled down the passenger window as I slowly backed out. I was surprised to see three people standing on my right, waiting to get by. I smiled and said "sorry," since I sensed that they had been waiting longer than they cared to. One guy mumbled something like "you're keeping us waiting." I pulled out and was putting my car in drive when the three people walked across my empty parking space and, lo and behold, they got into the dickmobile.

I felt really bad about inconveniencing him.

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