[Comment] Re: To my surprise, I'm coming to appreciate the man for whom I voted

First of all, you brought up a bunch of issues without addressing my core concern: Gay marriage. So I'm going to stay focused on that even if you can't. A few points, though:

Do you really think that blacks are naturally more inclined to commit crimes?

The fact that you worked hard and expect no handouts is admirable. So does that 15 year old kid in Detroit whose _father_ wasn't allowed to use the same bathroom not long ago. You and I can't even begin to comprehend the impact of that. If you think you and that kid are on an equal level just because you both work hard, you're kidding yourself.

No to gay marriage: it doesn't matter what the public thinks about it. Keep in mind that at one point the public also thought it was OK to segregate, enslave, and count blacks as less of a person than whites (three-fifths to be exact). The public makes mistakes and that is why our government created an institution that could allow the courts to overrule public opinion. I'm sure you knew that though.

And don't give me that baloney about redefining words. You're a logical, intelligent person. You're quite aware of the difference between legal definitions and religious definitions.

And please stop using terrorism as an excuse to ignore other issues. Why are you so frightened of terrorism? Statistically, you're in much greater threat when you drive in your car. Did you know that 3X more skin cancer deaths occur each year than the number of people that died on 9/11? And that number is rising at a significant rate (see the CA statistics, of my father is one of those statistics). I'm always amazed that when the threat is so obvious Americans still love to focus on a solution that involves killing rather than repairing.


But let's ignore the environment, terrorism, etc. Let's talk about why gays shouldn't have the same rights as others. Explain to me how that can be seen in any other light than a civil rights issue. Explain why they don't deserve the same legal benefits. Explain to me why I should endorse a man who has wants to introduce a Constitutional Amendment to ensure that gay couples can't have the same legal standing as other couples.

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