[Comment] Re: To my surprise, I'm coming to appreciate the man for whom I voted

No biggie. I've been called worse things than "David." 🙂

<p>It's interesting to me that you ping Bush for how easy things have been for him. What do the majority of Kerry's band of Hollywood supporters, recording artists, and George Soros know about being a poor black child in Detroit, any more than Bush does? What does Teresa Heinz Kerry (or her husband, for that matter) know of want? Why are they the noble kind of rich, and Bush is the evil kind? Who shows more respect and confidence in that kid's ability to make something of himself?

<p>I disagree with you that Bush doesn't get it, and it sounds like more unfounded accusations. Conservatives understand that you can't make jobs out of thin air, that somebody has to pay for welfare and other forms of aid, and they believe in people being self-reliant. Liberals have a really unrealistic view of how we "should" take care of everyone and that people "shouldn't" suffer. They have no concept of the science of economics. Their idealistic views, if left unchecked, will destroy the very economy they want to feed off of. They will kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

<p>Corporations, in general, are not evil entities. They employ people, fund the government, and promote progress. I would trust Bush's plan to do more for that poor black child in Detroit than Kerry's unrealistic promises to take care of him. "Give a man a fish… Teach him to fish…"

<p>Why do you say Bush doesn't believe in equal rights for all? Besides, how does affirmative action give equal rights to all? I tried to get a grant from the government for a business, but I'm not a woman or a minority, so I'm a pariah — the cursed white male. How is that equal rights? But did I protest and complain about how unfair life was? Did I quit, because I am disenfranchised? No, I looked for other ways. I worked and continue to work very hard and expect no handouts, no special treatment, no aid. Life's a bitch.

<p>Why does everyone seem to think it's the government's job to make their life easier? It's because the Democratic party has taught them that for years. Shame on the Democratic party for cultivating a culture of dependence and reliance on the government, rather than one of self-reliance and a can-do attitude. They've polluted America and killed the American spirit. And it's very demeaning and condescending to treat people like they need the government to take care of them.

<p>They've done far more damage to that poor black kid in Detroit than anything George W. Bush could ever do.

<p>Regarding gay marriage, it was voted down in eleven of eleven states. That wasn't Bush speaking. That was the people saying "enough is enough" to political correctness and redefining the meanings of words so that every minority can control the majority. In a time of war and terrorism, though, I can't understand how gay marriage is even on the map, though. It's incredibly tasteless timing, in my opinion, to be foisting this frivilous issue on the nation during a time of physical survival. It's time that we got back to serving the greater good, rather than our own selfish interests.

<p>Let new immigrants learn English the way all of our ancestors did. Why have we all of a sudden become a bilingual nation? This country is being taken over by self-serving special interest groups who don't want to change themselves to be an American but rather change America to accomodate them. It's getting pretty chunky in the melting pot. Certain ingredients are refusing to melt.

<p>See, now I'm ranting. The more liberals push their unrealistic, idealistic agendas that will bleed the spirit of this nation dry, the more they push moderate, reasonable people to the right. That's what happened in this election. Idealism is a lovely thing to strive for, but you will absolutely drag this nation down to its demise if you try to deny reality.

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