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You know how a string of unrelated nonsense words has become the telltale sign of a spam email? Well, in a blatant rip-off of Spamusement, which I enjoy, I've decided to recycle these wasted bits into prose, in an attempt to make sense of this 21st century flotsam and jetsam.

The following list of words is exactly as it appeared in a spam I received:

libidinous condonechampaign gilead blurrybelief styrene peachskirt sloven uterusinteger cheney tiltinvertible alluvial culbertsongrievous keys bowmandefect oberlin crawfordcommitted slant disciplinaryfang siderite spawnwring limp paraboladietician chili scarletimperceivable

The same list of words, unchanged, appears in bold text.

Martha was feeling libidinous, but she could not condonechampaign. In gilead, she had developed a blurrybelief about the effects of mixing alcohol with styrene. She soberly slid her peachskirt down her hips and into a slovenly heap on the floor. She set about the task of inserting her artificial uterusinteger.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, Vice President cheney was performing his triple tiltinvertible for the now overwhelmingly Republican Senate. They had replaced the aisle that they always spoke of "reaching across" with a creek that was too wide to do so. The alluvial sediments were annoying in their shoes, but they preferred it to having to talk to the Democratic Senators. Congested People for Piping had tried to file the culbertsongrievous act in a nationwide referendum, but high-ranking Democrats on the other side of the creek were the keys to passing this important legislation. Senators bowmandefect, oberlin, and crawfordcommitted to put the right slant on this bill, but the disciplinaryfang of VP Cheney concerned them. They had to get their siderite before they tried to bring it across the aisle, er, creek. Everyone watched Senator spawnwring out his socks after an unsuccessful attempt to limp across the gravelly creekbed

In the quadratic lunchroom where only the higher-order Senators ate, the paraboladietician grew concerned for public health as they placed their fifth-order for chili.

Martha was pleased to find the trace of scarletimperceivable after the installation.

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