[BlogEntry] More spam giblets


I have a lot to do today, which is why I'm doing this instead.

The giblets:

ditto delirium heater chemise dogmatism saloon arrest thicket mottle callisto midas styrofoam stickpin stank jaguar creekside benefit berglund cogent alveolus squatted

"Sure, yeah, ditto, " I said in my delirium. Little did I realize that I had just agreed to wear a space heater under a chemise to show my support for the dogmatism of a chick I met in a saloon just an hour before my arrest.

How did I end up in this legal and moral thicket? My memory is as mottled as the surface of callisto (flockhart), but I seem to have the midas touch when it comes to women. Everything I touch turns to styrofoam.

All I can remember is that she showed me her stickpin. When she told me to lean in to get a better look, I noticed it stank like a jaguar squatting at a creekside. As I passed out, I wondered about the benefit of wearing accessories with the odor of wild animal droppings.

berglund! That is the sound you hear when you come to after being drugged in such a nefarious manner. I was aware that the cogent drug still filled one of my alveolus; it could be released at any moment.

As I squatted in my prison cell, I realized that I was out of giblets.

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