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I'd recommend that you read Plan of Attack. As the only book recommended by both candidates, it is about as close as you can get to "truth". And the "truth" is that the evidence was somewhat weak and that it WAS questioned and that the CIA operatives in Iraq WERE getting limited intelligence. Colin Powell questioned it, he told Bush about the Pottery Barn rule (You break it you buy it), and he was laughed at by the rest of the cabinet. And I do mean *laughed* at… read the book. I don't believe this is a professional administration. Being stead-fast is nice, but a the most admirable and smartest people I've ever met were those that re-evaluated their choices and admitted mistakes when better alternatives were presented (and I'm not pointing to Kerry here).

I would also like to say that Plan of Attack did change my feelings about Bush et al. I no longer feel that really any of the members of the administration are "evil". Rather, I feel that they are frightened and are bullies and they only know one way to respond. It just so happens I believe that they aren't responding the correct way.

I plan to start blogging a LOT about politics. I'd love to debate the issues back and forth between posts.

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