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<p>Jeez, Lance, I'm not sure why you left so abruptly. I thought we were having a healthy discussion.</p><p>Maybe I've misled you. I'm not a Republican. Never have been. Never will be. I always have been and always will be independent. I voted for Perot in '92 (dodged a bullet there! ;), Clinton in '96 (took a bullet for that one!), and am far from a blind follower of George W. Bush. However, I have zero faith in Kerry — less than zero — I think he's another self-serving, self-important, head-in-the-sand accident-waiting-to-happen, just like Clinton.</p><p>Bush and I are using each other. He wants my vote, and I want someone who will take the threat of terrorism seriously. He's already proven that he ain't messing around. He hasn't done everything right, but I know he recognizes the danger. I fear Kerry would ignore it until the next tragedy.</p><p>As for the Patriot Act and the threat you speak of, I think that's so far-fetched that I'm not sure why you waste your time on it. I see Islamic violence as a much more likely event than ending up in prison under the Patriot Act. I appreciate your commitment to pure civil liberties and such, but I really think this is a time for being realistic and prioritizing your issues. When worldwide global terrorism is under control, we can once again clarify these more theoretical issues. Until then, I'd rather empower the good guys to stop the bad guys. Given a choice between trusting the U.S. government and an Al Qaeda cell, I know which way I'd go. I'm not sure why you fear your own government so much. For all its flaws, it is still a pretty wonderful thing that deserves a little more trust, IMHO. Even if it's horribly corrupt, it's got to survive and keep you alive in order to exploit you. :-)</p><p>Regarding people changing their views, you said you used to be a Republican. I used to be a liberal. I used to be an atheist. And I used to do my curly braces like this:<pre>
for( short i=99; i; –i )
printf("%d bottles of beer on the wall", i);
}</pre>I consider myself the only moderate left in the world, and I really do believe I have an open mind. I think it's a shame that people are so unlikely to listen, learn, and change their minds. But it does happen. I'm living proof, and so are you!</p>

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