[Comment] Re: Censorship at the Beattie Blog

<p>Lee, thanks for keeping stuff civil. I realize that I've violated one of my tenets: never talk politics, religion, or curly braces.</p>
<p>I don't think you'll find Truth, as it is in the eye of the believer. That is to say I think you and I know many of the same 'facts' but have interpreted them differently.</p>
<p>I used to be a Republican myself and it was their hypocrisy that led me to the other side. There is enough of that crap to go around both sides. Just one example – look at Bush's No Child Left Behind. Great in principle and then underfunded – my children face an increasing struggle for education due to teacher cutbacks and reduced resources in the classroom.</p>
<p>The "rhetoric" you refer to is the Patriot Act. According to it you or I could be taken from our homes and indefinately imprisoned without trial or charge; all we need do is anger someone in a sufficient position of power. The Justice department has tried to force librarians to disclose the reading patterns of their clientele. There is quite a list. My opinion is that my liberties have been eroded and I fear them being eroded more.</p>
<p>I think we'll have to agree to disagree here. Of those three topics I mention in the first paragraph I don't believe I've ever seen anyone convinced to change their position; which is why I try to avoid such conversations.</p>
<p>This will be my last post here. I respect your technical skills, which is why I subscribed to your feed. I will be changing my subscription to your technical topics only.</p>

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