[BlogEntry] GO !BUSH! != GO KERRY



The sad thing is that you don't really mean "GO KERRY!" You don't believe in him. How can you? You don't even know what believing in him means. What you really mean is "GO !BUSH!" (For all you non-programmers out there, !BUSH in programming terms means "not BUSH.")

Even if Bush has reframed the war in Iraq and the war on terror to be the same thing for his own political gain, I support both, because I strongly believe that there is common ground there. Had we not invaded Iraq, Saddam Hussein could have hit us harder than 9/11/01 did, and then we'd be kicking ourselves for yet another "failure of imagination." Admittedly, the reframing is typical political maneuvering, but the end result is a reduction in violent, genocidal madmen, so that's cool with me.

I agree that Bush has not done everything right, but the choice between him and Kerry is an easy one. At least with Bush, you know what you get. I can live with that. (Pun intended.)

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