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Well, they're just having the best ol' time blaming Bush for everything and burying their heads in the sand over at the Bee-OTCH blog. ("It's not bee-tee, it's bee-AT-tee.")

I posted a comment over there yesterday, but I notice that poor Russ doesn't have the male parts necessary to accept opposing opinions. Fortunately, I anticipated this and saved a copy of my comment:

You people are amazing. Does anyone remember 3000+ innocent civilians who died on American soil on 9/11/01? How about the hundreds of school children and other innocents who just died in Beslan?! You don't think Saddam Hussein had plans to use his sarin gas on more of us infidels?

What on earth are you thinking??? Do you actually believe that John Kerry can make nice with the radical Islamic fundamentalists? Are you that out of touch with reality?

How many attacks took place while Clinton was in office? The WTC in '93, the U.S.S. Cole, two American Embassies.

At least Bush has the backbone to do something about it. All Clinton did was lob a few ineffective cruise missiles. He certainly didn't make friends with the terrorists. What do you expect Kerry to do?

Do you simply not believe that terrorists are out there? I just can't imagine what you think is going on. Please explain it to me. Are you simply going to ignore the problem until we have suicide bombers on our streets the way Israel has? You find it so easy to blame Bush for everything, but how are you going to deal with terrorism?

How much are they going to be whining about the government not taking care of them when our economy falls apart because people are too scared to go to work or school or shopping malls, because terrorist attacks are happening throughout America? It's practically destroyed Israel's economy, and Americans are not as tough as Israelis; we're not used to living with Palestinians. What would happen to air travel (and, therefore, business and leisure industries that rely on it), if two American commercial aircraft were shot out of the sky as recently happened in Russia? How many Americans would be willing to get on an airplane after that? What would that do to our economy? How is the government going to take care of your every want and need if it has to contend with the fallout from that kind of attack?

1,000 Americans have died in a war to keep American civilians safe from terrorist attacks like those that took place three years ago, as well as freeing the Iraqi people from the clutches of an evil despot. While those deaths are indeed a tragedy, and war is a truly terrible thing, 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam for a dubious cause (at the hands of a Democratic president). Even if, in retrospect, we acknowledge we had no business protecting South Vietnam from a communist takeover half a world away, how can anyone question the wisdom of protecting one's own land from the horrors of terrorism? 1,000 soldiers is still only a third of the number of civilians who died in their offices on 9/11/01. Besides, who would have imagined that the tiny-brained miscreants causing all the trouble in Iraq would react so violently to freedom. That just shows you what kind of losers we're dealing with.

Russell and his buddies want to make Bush out to be worse than Saddam Hussein. Not like any of this hasn't been said before, but let's review:

  • Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait
  • One of the terms of Saddam Hussein's surrender was that Iraq had to submit to UN weapons inspections
  • Saddam Hussein kept the weapons inspectors out of Iraq for about twelve years
  • There is evidence that Saddam Hussein had a weapons program
  • Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds
  • Saddam Hussein had enough sarin gas to kill about 300,000 people
  • Saddam Hussein had plenty of time and opportunity in twelve years to develop and hide or export all kinds of weapons
  • Saddam Hussein paid the families of Palestinian suicide bombers $25,000 each
  • Saddam Hussein was known to be an evil, cruel tyrant who tortured and murdered thousands of people
  • Saddam Hussein's sons were going to take over the family business
  • Saddam Hussein held plenty of ill will towards the United States, Israel, and the rest of the civilized world
  • Given the right opportunity, he would have been more than happy to attack and destroy the United States

So let's no kid ourselves about how wrong it was to invade Iraq. Once a surprise like 9/11 hits you, you've got to be a freakin' idiot to sit back and wait to be attacked again. We have been attacked. We are at war.

The 9/11 Commission found that it was a "failure of imagination" that allowed the terrorists to use four commercial aircraft as bombs against innocent civilians. Only the genuinely deluded would lack that imagination again, after the events of three years ago and after what just happened in Beslan. Trying to opportunistically blame Bush for everything is so selfishly partisan that it offends me. When you are fighting for survival is not the time to be a liberal or a conservative, a Republican or a Democrat. In this, we are all Americans.

Please stop trying to score points for your chosen party or agenda while brave American soldiers are dying in Iraq to protect your ability to go right on doing so. Acting so lacks grace, gratitude, and honor. Not to mention underscoring how totally clueless you are about the world around you.

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