[Comment] Re: Adding Tapestry to AppFuse

ahhh the nitrous, had many a fun nights with my tank.. anyhow.. ive been playing with tapestry for 2 days and its really well uhm.. different, just been trying different things out, reading lots of source, and found a couple of basic tutorials, still dont know what the best practices are but it looks really good but theres just so much to learn, its like an all-in-one framework, instead of using different frameworks together like sitemesh,webwork2,displaytag, etc i just need one, anyhow, its been alot of fun learning it and i've got to buy the book and im really excited about it because its just so different, but right now im pretty dammed happy with sitemesh and webwork2, plus spring, hibernate, velocity, all these neat frameworks, and so many more to look into..

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