[Comment] Re: AppFuse 1.5 Line-by-Line prototype

Thanks for your feedback. It's good to know someone's out there. :-)<p>As far as #1 goes, I was assuming this would be used for source code <b>not</b> under the user's control (probably since I can't modify every file in AppFuse ;), so a recognizable token, while a great idea, is probably not practical. It's a shame, because it certainly would simplify things. Maybe that <i>could</i> be included as an option for those times when the developer is also doing the documentation. It would certainly offer benefits over the alternative.<p>As for #2, I like the idea of something XPath-ish. I've been playing with the idea of line-by-line checksums or CRCs, so you could try to find your context (or guess at it, in case the line you're interested in has changed). If it runs as an ant task, it could notify the developer when it encounters comments that it can no longer place, but it might still be able to guess at the vicinity where the comment used to belong.<p>I've been contemplating what can be done with Javascript and CSS. I like your ideas. Keep 'em coming!

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