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A couple of weeks ago, I installed
Mozilla Firefox, and I've got to say it's an environment in which I became very comfortable very quickly. I've had a few problems with printing, and there are still some kinks to be worked out, but it is overall a very usable browser.

One of the really nice features is the inherent extensibility of the platform. I've installed a couple of very powerful Extensions that make life so much easier. My favorite is
Mouse Gestures by Optimoz. If you've ever used a Palm to write in Graffiti, mouse gestures are a very natural way to interface with a computer. Even if you've never used Graffiti, this is not a hard thing to pick up. It's so cool to be able to open links, move from tab to tab, close tabs and windows, and do pretty much everything I want to do with simple mouse movements anywhere in the browser window. It sure beats having to travel across the screen and aim and click on a small area to execute a command. Considering that I probably execute <swag>10,000</swag> little commands a day, reducing the effort in each one adds up to a lot of savings.

Incidentally, if you've been through the extensive search I have to learn how to create Mozilla Extensions, it's almost spooky how hard it is to find the information. I think it's a better kept secret than Area 51. Here is the one and only tutorial I found on all the web! Thanks, RoachFiend! (With a handle like that, you'd better be careful about exposing such carefully guarded government secrets. 🙂

The interesting thing about Extensions, from what I read in Eric's excellent tutorial, is how simple they are to write. Admittedly, I'm brand new to the whole process, but it looks like the folks at Mozilla really did a nice job of making an already powerful platform easily extensible.

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