[BlogEntry] Mother, Mother Java

Sung to the tune of
A Pirate Looks At Forty
by Jimmy Buffet

Mother, Mother Java,
I have heard your call.
Wanted to write cool software,
Since I was three feet tall.
You cast a pall,
You cast a pall.

Watched the men who wrote you,
Go from geeks to gods,
In your bytecode you hold the tortures
Non-programmers never see.

I have debugged now for over two weeks,
I printed and I stepped through and
I log4j-ed gigs.
But it's time to stop bitchin'
Time to start wishin'
Back to Nintendo again
Just a few rounds
Just a few rounds

Mother, Mother Java
After all the years I've found
Occupational hazard being
C++ is just not web-sound
Feel like I've drowned
I'm container-bound
I'm container-bound

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