[BlogEntry] Juxtaposition of the Treatment of Saddam Hussein to that of Kidnapped Hostages


Can there be a more crystal clear illustration of the difference between Good and Evil than in the back-to-back comparison of the way the United States handles Saddam versus the way the barbarous scumbags behead their kidnapped victims? Rarely do you find someone more desperately in need of a good hanging than Hussein, yet the US is going to hand him over to the new Iraqi government to be dealt with in an open, legal manner. Meanwhile, these radical whack-o's kidnap innocent victims — people who have done more good for the Muslims than Saddam has — and behead them on camera.

Wouldn't it be nice to just blow these bastards up and be done with them? We're too good to just wipe them all out. We have to go to the trouble of sifting between the genuinely evil and the mildly wicked.

Sometimes it really sucks being the good guys.

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